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Frankly, multireddits should have taken a back seat to making

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What I will tell you is that paging in reddit has always sucked, and sucked hard. Frankly, multireddits should have taken a back seat to making never ending reddit a core feature, because that how bad “next >” is. The number give you a sense of “how deep” you gone.

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Ok so now that you have elevation and windage dialed in, you need to determine if the target is moving, in what direction, what speed, etc. Then figure out how far you have to lead as your bullet will take a whole second to travel 800 yards. If the target is jogging 6 mph it means that in 1 second they will travel 6 x 63360 / 3600 inches = 105 inches or about 9 feet that you’d have to aim ahead.

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