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After her drastic weight loss and corrective surgery to remove

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Cheap jordans She says she is also much happier within.The actress is also celebrating a return to ITV soap Emmerdale, 17 years after viewers last saw her as Mandy Dingle.It will be a very different looking Lisa when she is seen on the show again in the New Year.After her drastic weight loss and corrective surgery to remove the saggy skin she had been left with, fans worried that the Loose Women star had gone too far.Lisa now admits this may have been the case for a while. She says: “I had probably replaced my addiction to food with an addiction to minimising food and exercising.”But all that is in the past and she has settled at a happy, healthy size 14.Though Lisa does not worry about the number on the clothes label as she knows she is the size she should be.She continues: “When I got down to a size 12 I felt I didn’t look right. My face felt a bit gaunt. Cheap jordans

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